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Meet Me

Miwha Eunice Choi is a versatile pianist, composer, arranger and teacher.

Classically trained, she started her music career at age 10 as a church musician.

She has a bachelor’s degree major in Music composition, minor in Piano performance in Korea and Master’s in Jazz studies at UNT.

Also she has a long time experience of teaching for all age levels.

While attending at UNT, she was interested in Latin Music and joined the Latin ensemble.

After graduating from UNT, she became an active musician in the DFW area.

She writes, plays and produces songs for “Roja & Miwha” which is a Jazz duo  group. 

Also, she arranges various songs as a jazz solo piano style and regularly releases them in online platforms in Korea, Asia and Europe.

She plays various genres of music; classical, jazz, pop, funk and latin salsa music.

As a soloist and collaborative musician, she plays with various bands and her own band. 

In addition, she teaches as an adjunct music faculty and works as a collaborative pianist as well.